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The toll free telephone number to contact benzodiazepine addiction treatment is 866-653-3850. Benzodiazepines are a class of commonly abused prescription drugs that include Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and hundreds more which are prescribed for anxiety disorders. When they are medically prescribed, benzodiazepines are meant to be used on occasion to avoid the high potential for addiction. Easy access to these pharmaceutical drugs make them a highly abused substance in young adults and can be carried into later adulthood. Any benzo such as Xanax or Ativan will have calming effects which leave the user under sedation to reduce anxiety and despairing emotions. These effects on the mind can be considered desirable to a patient prescribed any benzo such as Valium, Ativan, or Xanax, which often lead to addiction.

Once an individual develops addiction to benzodiazepines they can quickly build a tolerance to the substance. This can lead to a strong physical dependance, which if untreated, could lead to harmful withdrawal effects. Benzodiazepine withdrawal can include serious symptoms such as seizure which can result in fatality. Since drug dependency for Xanax and Ativan can include such harmful withdrawal effects, do not attempt cessation of any benzodiazepines without strict medical attention. Individuals should contact the nearest benzodiazepines addiction treatment center to perform detox under medical supervision.

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All benzodiazepines create a sedative, hypnotic high by the same mechanism of action. Once the user ingests a benzodiazepine, it binds and inhibits the function of GABA receptors throughout the brain. These GABA neurotransmitters are responsible for our sense of fear, reasoning, and apprehension. Benzos are even known to slow the metabolism in certain areas of the brain by this same token. Some commonly prescribed and abused benzodiazepines are:

Alprazolam Helex, Xanax, Xanor, Onax, Alprox, Restyl, Tafil
Bentazepam Thiadipona
Bromazepam Lectopam, Lexaurin, Lexotanil, Lexotan, Bromam
Brotizolam Lendormin, Dormex, Sintonal, Noctilan
Camazepam Albego, Limpidon, Paxor
Chlordiazepoxide Librium, Risolid, Elenium
Cinolazepam Gerodorm
Clonazepam Rivatril, Rivotril, Klonopin, Iktorivil, Paxam
Clorazepate Tranxene, Tranxilium
Clotiazepam Veratran, Clozan, Rize
Cloxazolam Sepazon, Olcadil
Delorazepam Dadumir
Deschloroetizolam Thialprazolam
Diazepam Antenex, Apaurin, Apzepam, Apozepam, Hexalid, Pax, Stesolid, Stedon, Valium, Vival, Valaxona
Estazolam ProSom
Ethyl carfluzepate N/A
Etizolam Etilaam, Etizest, Pasaden, Depas
Ethyl loflazepate Victan, Meilax, Ronlax
Flunitrazepam Rohypnol, Hipnosedon, Vulbegal, Fluscand, Flunipam, Ronal, Rohydorm,
Flurazepam Dalmadorm, Dalmane
Flutoprazepam Restas
Halazepam Paxipam
Ketazolam Anxon
Loprazolam Dormonoct
Lorazepam Ativan, Lorenin, Lorsilan, Temesta, Tavor, Lorabenz
Lormetazepam Loramet, Noctamid, Pronoctan
Medazepam Nobrium, Ansilan, Mezapam, Rudotel, Raporan
Midazolam Dormicum, Versed, Hypnovel, Dormonid
Nimetazepam Erimin
Nitrazepam Mogadon, Alodorm, Pacisyn, Dumolid, Nitrazadon
Nordazepam Madar, Stilny
Oxazepam Seresta, Serax, Serenid, Serepax, Sobril, Oxabenz, Oxapax, Opamox
Phenazepam Phenazepam
Pinazepam Domar
Prazepam Lysanxia, Centrax
Premazepam N/A
Pyrazolam Pyrazolam, Bromazolam
Quazepam Doral
Temazepam Restoril, Normison, Euhypnos, Temaze, Tenox
Tetrazepam Myolastan