Paychex Toll Free Telephone Number

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The toll free telephone number for Paychex is 888-252-5940. Subscribe to full service payroll with Paychex and receive a free month of payroll processing at no cost or obligation. Automate your employee payroll process with Paychex. A dedicated team of payroll specialists will determine your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly employee paychecks and payroll taxes so you don’t need to. Allow your small business to flourish with a level of payroll automation that is decided by you. Just contact the toll free telephone number above to speak with Paychex full service payroll representatives who can identify your business’s needs. You can either fully automate the employee payroll taxes process of choose your level of involvement. Employee paychecks will be issued at a frequency that you define, guaranteed to be error free or you will receive that month of payroll service by Paychex absolutely free. Erroneous paychecks and W2 tax forms can cost your small business time and money. Eliminate the margin of error by outsourcing your payroll process with Paychex. Speak with an automated employee payroll representative now to receive your free month of full payroll service at no cost or obligation.

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